All of our tiki mugs start with a sketch that usually gets excitedly posted to FB or IG then after many people remind me, they'd like to see that drawing come to life as a mug, I have a few options! Lately Tiki Diablo has been sculpting and producing my last 3 mugs, the submarine mug, the jungle bote mug, and is currently in production with the Tiki Drummer mug. Ive worked with John Mulder who produced my Hukilau Shrunken Head mug, and most recently with Munktiki imports and Tiki Farm. Tiki Farm just produced my Hornbill mug and Munktiki Import is producing a cute pineapple for Ventiki that will be out in July or so! Prior to working with these mug makers, my wife was the sculptor as well as intriquite glazer of all our multi colored mugs like the mermaid mug, elephant, and multi colored chirp chirps and toucan mugs.